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Phase 1: Fact-Finding

Our process starts with questions. In order to construct a building that performs as needed, we have to understand how it will be used and for what purposes. 

We work closely with you to determine your building’s size, load, clearance heights, ceiling suspension, dock access and more. Your answers will inform nearly all other project decisions.

Phase 2: Design

With those earlier findings, we can move onto preliminary designs. We use an advanced design system to create a rendering that reflects your budget and demonstrates your customized options for the project. This allows you to visualize the project as it progresses and make any necessary adjustments before it becomes final.

Phase 3: Prep & Build

After your design has been approved, our system can convert it directly into an order for your building. We work with a single source provider, VP Buildings, to provide all components. All material is cut to your specifications to ensure there will be no cutting in the field. During this stage, we also conduct thorough site prep for construction. We work with a foundation contractor and erector to ensure the base is strong and every material is positioned for success. Following that series of audits, assembly can begin.

Phase 4: Transition

Once complete, we perform detailed inspections with the building’s manufacturer to review all warranties before turning the building over to the client. Though the project is technically finished, Tedesco Construction Services is available for on-going support for any future questions or concerns.

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Whether you are building from scratch or making updates to an existing structure, Tedesco Construction Services can bring creative and cost-effective solutions every step of the way.

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