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Why Choose Retro-Fit?

Increased Curb Appeal

A variety of styles and finishes are available for a significant design improvement when compared to the alternative.

Increased Building Value

Curb appeal and performance are critical factors when a property is being assessed for value.

Lower Utility Costs

A retro-fit roof creates an airtight seal that is completely weather-proof and more energy efficient.

Lower Maintenance Costs

Retro-fit roofs require little to no maintenance by eliminating common problems, including rusting, holes or structural damage.


Engineered metal-over-metal solutions are used to retro-fit existing screw down roofs or high profile standing seam roofs. The system is applied over existing roof panels and provides an opportunity to gain high insulation values, thereby improving thermal efficiency and reducing utility costs. Metal-over-metal provides a method to replace and upgrade an existing metal roof without disrupting ongoing operations inside the building.

Slope Build-Up

Engineered slope build-up re-roof solutions are designed to be installed over a flat built up or membrane roof having a substrate of steel or wood. By adding a slope to an existing flat or low profile sloped roof, ponding water and leaks are eliminated and extend the life of the building. As with the metal-over-metal system, additional insulation can be installed to increase energy efficiency and the entire system can be installed without business interruption.

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